It never ceases to surprise me how deeply rooted the myth of the lease contract of eleven months of duration is.

The urban legend says that with a lease contract of eleven months the tenant will not be entitled to the automatic extension of the duration of the same stated by art. 9 of the present Law of Urban Leases.

Nothing could be further from the truth, the right to extend the lease does not depend on the duration of the contract, but on the type of use that the property is going to be given. If the property is to be used as a dwelling that is going to constitute the tenant’s permanent address, this will entitle him to extend the duration of the contract annually up to three years. However, this right will not correspond to him if the dwelling is not rented with the purpose of serving this use but to cover a temporary need for work reasons or holidays, for example. The requirements of this second type of contract are developed by case law by the Supreme Court of Justice.

Therefore, pay attention to these contracts that may create many unpleasant surprises. I recommend you to consult a lawyer if you have to draft or sign a lease contract, to be certain of the obligations and rights arising from the agreement signed by you.

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