The Non-Resident Income Tax is a tax with which we continue to be fairly unfamiliar, even for Non-Resident who are already owners of a property in Spain.

The citizens who are non-tax residents in Spain are obliged to pay this tax every year, which is calculated from the cadastral value of the house. This tax must be prepared by an accountant or a lawyer and has to be paid within the year after the year of its accrual.

If you don’t pay this tax, in the case of selling your property, without having generated an economic benefit, or in the case that the tax to be paid for such benefit is lower than 3% of the sales price the buyer is obliged to retain the amount because you are a non-resident seller, and deposit it in the Tax Tributary Agency, this body will not give the surplus back to you until the payment of the Non-Resident Tax that you have not paid in the previous four years has been updated.

In our law firm we offer you the service of preparing and drafting the Non-Resident Income Tax at very competitive prices.

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    Paula has given me great service and I have no regrets dealing with her. I also have no doubts in recommending her to anyone who is looking to use her services.

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